The perfect choice for those who prefer a fully orthopedic and spring system supported mattress. You'll get a healthy and comfortable sleep with Ultraform mattress made of full support foam and extra resilient bonel spring system. The developed technology of Ultraform mattress helps distribute the weight of the body evenly throughout the mattress. Relax right for optimum health and vitality.


Bonel Spring System Developed for those who want semi stiff mattress. This system is extensively used throughout the world. Keeps its quality for long years without getting deformed. Bonel Spring Systems are made of high carbon steel wires, and resistance is increased by heat treatment. The Bonel Spring System is made of springs interconnected with sprial form steel wires.


Mattress Height: 15"

Ultraform Mattress by Sunset (ISTIKBAL)

$439.99 Regular Price
$349.99Sale Price
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