Veraflex's main structure is comprised of spiral Bonel Spring System, one of the most developed spring systems in the world. Firm foam encasement system surrounds the bonel spring frame for additional support and years of perfect form. The Veraflex mattress is the perfect choice for those looking for a semi-soft mattress. The spring and filling system along with the luxury quilting gently conform to your body, helping you fall into uninterrupted deep sleep. Maximize your sleep experience with durable Bonel Spring System overlayed with rich full filling, and topped with plush quilting.


Guarantee a great morning by waking up refreshed on Veraflex mattress. Pamper yourself every night. Get the most out of your precious sleep.


Mattress Height: 14.5"

Veraflex Aloe Vera Mattress by Sunset (ISTIKBAL)

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